What’s New for Musefest 2013


Hello Musefest Family! Special thanks to all who helped make Musefest 2013 a success!
We are looking forward to 9th Annual Musefest, and will be working non-stop to plan this wonderful event so we can celebrate an amazing weekend together. Plans are coming together, bands are being booked and more information will be available soon. Please check back for details, or sign up for our email list so we can keep you posted when plans are finalized.

We have Musefest compilation CD’s and Musefest shirts available. Please email musefest@yahoo.com if you want to pick up some Musefest Merchandise.

If you haven’t already signed up, please join our email list so you can be informed about the future of the Musefest, and make sure to add musefest@yahoo.com to your address book, so we don’t end up in your bulk folder. Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles

Musefest is also on Myspace! Make sure to add us to your friends.


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