Amazing Colors for Pixie Haircuts

Suitable length and the shape of a haircut in conjunction with a successful coloring can instantly turn just a pretty girl into a real beauty. And vice versa: bad choice will add years, emphasize the flaws of the face, and completely spoil the fashionable look despite how expensive and high-quality your clothes are.

Surf on the Internet and check the looks of celebrities. Will you follow them or choose something unique?  

For girls who are inclined to experiment with shaving temples and extreme hairstyles like pixie, stylists offer unusual coloring options. At the same time, you don’t even have to dye your hair in a neon color, by changing just a tone, you will update your boring image and show everyone the perfect taste!

What Will be Fashionable in This Season?

  • Bluish-black. Feminine solutions are in fashion, emphasizing such features as sensuality and refinement in a modern girl. This option demands careful graduation. Warm shades close to black are in the trend, for example, dark chocolate with a slight tone of cherry or eggplant. For this solution to be noticed by the others, a bright sunlight is needed.
  • There is also an opposite trend: expressive look, ultra-short haircuts, bold styling, and fantasy colors that are often found on the catwalks. If you briefly run through this palette, you can note the following. There are several popular chestnut shades. You will surely enjoy the warm cinnamon or caramel ones that are often found in this segment.
  • Blondes received the widest choice. The most natural wheat tones are still on the top. In this case, stylists focus on the fact that yellow hair is definitely out of the day.
  • Red-haired girls in 2019 are out of competition. In this segment, they are given a huge choice of soft honey tones.
  • If you don’t like the most natural palette, consider luminescent pink, yellow, green, blue and choose such techniques that allow you to create a wide variety of patterns on the hair with impressive curls and strands.

Variety for blondes

Fans of blond strands are waiting for a huge number of different color solutions. However, despite the wide choice, this segment has its taboos. In addition to the already mentioned yellow dye, the gray tone is also undesirable. It is unlikely that someone will miss these shades, because the yellow locks look untidy, and such solutions add a few years even to the youngest women. If you want to save the situation, make pink stripes or consider honey and bronze. 

As you see, boyish pixie will help you to find own way in the elite circle of top beauties.

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