Layered Pixie Haircut, Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women

Nowadays, there are many beautiful short female hairstyles, which do not take much time for daily grooming. Besides, all females dream to look sexy. The most original and beautiful one is considered to be a pixie with the layers. According to the rules, this option envisages that the main volume remains at the crown and the hair is not lower than the ear. This hairstyle looks temptingly when done on even and thin hair while layers make the strands shiny. However, if you have curly hair, you should not give it up.

For Hot Women

  • Some people consider this version of the haircut to be boyish. You can often see many famous women in glossy fashion magazines with a similar hairstyle. 
  • It has many advantages, the most important of which is that the hair can be easily styled by hand in a few minutes, and it is also easy to take care of it.
  • A short haircut is a great option for a hot summer. No daily washing and constant styling required. 
  • An option with a fringe on the side looks very beautiful. To get a more original look, you can additionally use gel or lacquer to put it the way you like. 
  • With short bangs, it is suitable for romantic girls. This image makes the features of the face softer and opens the face, making it younger. Such a haircut will look good with an oval and round face.
  • To add more appeal, you make ask a professional to perform it with the elements of bob. The strands are not cut very short, leaving a fringe that makes the image harmonious. This solution will keep the length and give your hair a neat shape.

Blondies’ Tips

Layered pixie is considered to be a simple and ideal variant which emphasizes the chic of the blondes’ appearance – these are its main advantages. But let’s find out additional bonuses: it is easy and very simple for everyday styling. Many beauty experts call it unique, and they are right. The cut is suitable for almost all blondes, with absolutely any type of hair and facial contour. You can choose independently the individual look that you would like to have.

Your shiny golden or blonde locks can be of any thickness. Due to the use of multilayer technology, the hairdresser manages to successfully work with the volume. It is a perfect solution for ladies with thin fair hair. As for the thick crown, they can give it lightness and controlled volume.

So follow the examples of Hollywood divas to be sexy and irresistible.

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