Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

Not all girls and women prefer classic hairstyles or long hair. Many of them are fans of fashionable options. Such a choice is often associated not so much with the boyish character, as with the desire to save time and simplify the daily ritual of grooming.

In this way, you can emphasize your feminine attractiveness and individual style. On the site, you can check the variation of a pixie. You will be surprised by a variety of bangs. The benefit of this solution is giving thin hair a larger volume, as well as the simplicity and diversity of hand-made styling.

With bangs or without it? This difficult question will be solved easily and simply after viewing celebrities’ looks at the link. It would seem that cutting front strands is the most extreme way of transformation. 

What are Tips & Tricks?

  • The basis of this hairstyle is no less famous and popular among women, i.e. bob. Asymmetry and focuses on the bangs are providing freedom for experiments.
  • Before cutting your hair, you may install a professional app for matching this haircut to your total look.  
  • The essence of the haircut, which can be checked there, is to create uneven short strands that do not reach the line of the ears, thus creating a messy look. At the same time, the main volume of hair focuses on the top of the head, visually transforming thin strands into thick hair and revealing a beautiful neckline.  
  • Long bangs perfectly outline the asymmetry which helps to hide face flaws, turning them into advantages, while the whole image looks very elegant, check it here. 
  • Such boyish styling calmly tolerates bad weather conditions – to look stylish and easy even on the hottest days, and a strong wind, ruffling the strands, will give more charm.
  • An option welcomes not only smoothly laid strands but also exquisitely curly curls, which can be fixed with mousse.
  • A special popularity among young people enjoyed by a pixie with a thick bang with rugged tips. Straight curls, in this case, appear in the form of feathers.
  • You can also play with the color of fringe and separate strands, while they do not require complex care and the use of an abundance of styling techniques to keep the shape.

Pixie haircut with bangs does not require special care and looks appropriate at various events, giving the image a special zest. But, despite its obvious advantages, it requires regular maintenance in a beauty salon. The rate of hair growth will depend on the price of the services of the stylist, which may not be acceptable for everyone. 

Additional Information

To look irresistible, it is enough to apply a small amount of foam on slightly moist strands after washing and mix them. If desired, you can finish the entire process by applying gel or lacquer. If you want a more complex variant, pull up the fringe with a brush and dryer.

Another option is combing all front strands, including bangs, backward.

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