Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

Not all girls and women prefer classic hairstyles or long hair. Many of them are fans of fashionable options. Such a choice is often associated not so much with the boyish character, as with the desire to save time and simplify the daily ritual of grooming. In this way, you can emphasize your feminine attractiveness […]

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How Do Black People Take Care Of Natural Hair?

The black natural hair is very easily getting dryness. This happens in spite of using the conditioners and moisturizers. It requires additional care to maintain it properly. The use of moisturizing serum, leave-in conditioner, hair masks, and hair oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil can improve this condition. The issue of taking care of […]

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Twenty One Stylish Pixie Haircuts

Short hairstyles have become more popular and trendy especially loved by younger girls due to their many benefits. They are low maintenance, easy to manage and brings out the best of their facial features. Pixie cuts are having a stylish moment being a trending favorite to many of different ages and lifestyles. Pixie cuts are […]

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Amazing Colors for Pixie Haircuts

Suitable length and the shape of a haircut in conjunction with a successful coloring can instantly turn just a pretty girl into a real beauty. And vice versa: bad choice will add years, emphasize the flaws of the face, and completely spoil the fashionable look despite how expensive and high-quality your clothes are. Surf on […]

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Layered Pixie Haircut, Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women

Nowadays, there are many beautiful short female hairstyles, which do not take much time for daily grooming. Besides, all females dream to look sexy. The most original and beautiful one is considered to be a pixie with the layers. According to the rules, this option envisages that the main volume remains at the crown and […]

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Textured PIXIE Haircut Tutorial

Why is this hairstyle becoming more and more popular? It combines a boyish daredevil nature and female sexuality. It envisages openness and spontaneity.  How to achieve all these and turn a serious woman into merely rock star? What is the secret of textured pixie? Let’s find answers to all questions together. Brief Review Women with […]

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