Twenty One Stylish Pixie Haircuts

Short hairstyles have become more popular and trendy especially loved by younger girls due to their many benefits. They are low maintenance, easy to manage and brings out the best of their facial features. Pixie cuts are having a stylish moment being a trending favorite to many of different ages and lifestyles. Pixie cuts are friendly to all face shapes and there are styles for every hair type.

Pixie Cuts for Wavy Hair

In this generation, young girls opt for hairstyles that are more of wash and go and will take the least time styling every morning. If your hair is textured and wavy, you can also enjoy short hairstyles with beautiful wavy pixie cuts. When choosing, take into consideration your hair’s natural wavy nature and face shape. These are the best wavy hairstyles for girls who want a pixie cut;

  • Long pixie with side bang;
  • Double toned wavy undercut;
  • Wavy disconnected cut;
  • Side-swept voluminous haircut;
  • Multidirectional wavy pixie;
  • Strawberry blonde wavy pixie.

Curly Hair Pixie Cuts

Girls with curly hair often than not will fear short haircuts. Acing a pixie cut with naturally curly hair may be a challenge but these curly pixie cuts have made it easier.

  • Sassy curly pixie;
  • Sultry Shaggy Layered Pixie;
  • Colored curls with a decorated side cut;
  • Chic curly undercut;
  • Closely cropped curls.

Straight Hair Pixie Cuts

Girls with naturally straight hair should be bold and brave as they pick out a pixie haircut. They have a great chance to choose from amazing stylish and trendy pixie cuts. When choosing, they should go for styles that favor their skin tones and face shapes. Below find great and lavish pixie haircuts for straight hair;

  • Sleek cropped pixie cut;
  • Swept over styled undercut;
  • Double toned pixie with eye sweeping bang;
  • Layered pixie with side-swept long bangs;
  • Sweet sophisticated side-parted pixie.

Shaved Pixie cuts

These are haircuts that will go with any hair type from curly, wavy to straight. Girls who love color and pop with their hair will love these amazing hairstyles. They look so much better when the undercut has a different color with the remaining hair. Here are some fabulous shaved pixie cuts:

  • Two-tone undercut;
  • Coral Mohawk with design undercut;
  • Asymmetrical pixie undercut with pops of color;
  • Tapered pixie with an extreme undercut;
  • Curly side-parted shaved pixie.

The most amazing fact about a pixie haircut is that you can style it in a different way every day. You can choose from sweeping it to the right today, the left tomorrow, to the front or backward the next day. Girls can choose from any of these alluring and attractive pixie cuts for a lavish and wow look.

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